Michigan State University Students to Help with Site Development Plan

As a class project starting this Fall, students from MSU will be working on our much needed site development plan. Their mission is to look at the property, look at the DNR's Management Plan for Rockport that outlines the amenities we would like to see there, and develop a plan for what and where development is best suited. Students will be here for on-site visits and public input sessions as I understand it. Look for details later as we learn more.

That's the estimated cost for developing a “Site Development Plan” for RSRA. The plan would develop a cultural and geological resources inventory, assess the feasibility for campground or other overnight accommodations, improve diver access to sinkholes, identify the feasibility of a safe shooting range at the park, assess pier for recreation and safety improvements, improve access for fishing, integrate trails into the plan and assess feasibility for a visitor center.

The lack of this plan has been a major roadblock for development. We've had to turn down offers for some major contributions because of not having this plan in place. With this blueprint, we would have the specifics needed to apply for development grants that we currently are not eligible for.

Supervisor Gingrich is thinking that if we could raise at least $10,000 it could give us the leverage to be able to receive some grants. With $1,000 in our treasury, we only have $9,000 to go! Currently we're exploring the idea of some type of marathon or triathlon. 

Any other ideas or suggestions for helping us raise funds are welcome. Of course, memberships and donations help!