Volunteers Needed!!!!

As you can see, it will be a crazy busy summer for the Friends. At Rockport Recreation Day, we will need volunteers to help with set up and tear down of furniture and displays, and greeting guests.

As registrations continue to come in for XTERRA Rockport Rugged, we will have a better idea of the manpower needed and what we will have to do.

If you are interested in helping out, please use our Contact Us page.

Go Fund Me and Other Options to Cover XTERRA Rockport Rugged Expenses

In order to raise money to cover expenses - including having 3Disciplines run our races, provide t-shirts for participants, port-a-johns, a tent for our sponsors, etc.- we are seeking sponsorships and donations. Our Friends of Rockport fund raising committee and Performance Locker have been out and about soliciting funds from local businesses.

If we've missed your business or if you as an individual would like to help out, you can send donations preferably with a check or money order to: Friends of Rockport, 9797 Fitzpatrick Rd., Alpena MI 49707. You may also visit us at any of our events where we are happy to accept donations.

We've also set up a Go Fund Me campaign athttps://www.gofundme.com/RockportRuggedTri where you can go online to support this event. There are six levels - from a full sponsorship to whatever you can spare. Any help you can give us is appreciated and helps us toward our goal of having funding for our projects.

Membership Dues 

Are you a paid member of the Friends of Rockport/BNA? Your paid membership and donations help support our events and give us the ability to apply for matching grants to improve RSRA.   

Why do we need your support? There is a lot of competition between the 100 state parks for a limited pot of money. Some of the older, established parks have infrastructure and facilities that are 30- 50+ years old that are in desperate need of upgrades or replacement. While the Recreation Passport is beginning to make upgrades possible for our long underfunded state park system, it appears it will be a long process to get to every park taken care of. Rather than wait for the State to get around to funding projects that can improve the experience at RSRA, we as a non-profit can raise money to get projects underway as soon as they are approved.

Attached to this newsletter you will find a membership application form. An individual membership is $10. A family membership is $15. Student and organizational memberships are also available. If you would like to become a paid member, simply fill out the form, include payment, mail it in or take care of it at our next meeting. Reply to this message if you have a problem downloading the membership form. We appreciate all the help we can get to make Rockport State Recreation Area a better place to visit

You can help us meet our goals with your membership, donations and volunteer help with any of our activities that are of interest to you.
Friends of Rockport Membership Form
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